How to Understand Right of Way in Fencing—VIDEO

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We know it can be tough to understand right of way in fencing. So, we put together the above video to walk you through the basics. The clip lasts about five minutes, shows a fantastic bout and teaches you right of way. If you don't have time for the video — or just learn

Should you fence with your kids?

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You should fence with your kids. At least, you should give it a shot. Here's why: "You're going to be there anyhow." Enter most fencing clubs during a class, and you'll see a pattern well-established in youth sports: children and teenagers fence up and down the strips while parents sit on the sidelines.

Cardio Workouts For Fencers

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What are the merits of cardio workouts for fencers? The health benefits of cardio workouts are just amazing in terms of longer life and reduced risk of disease, but fencers gain an additional set of benefits through cardio training.   Cardiovascular workouts are really workouts for your heart. It is important to

Who Cares About Foil Fencers?

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The history of fencing began with foil. Until recently, all new fencers started with foil and transitioned to saber or epee only after learning basic footwork. This might explain why neither saber nor epee fencers have strong opinions of foil fencers. Using the results from our fencing weapon personality survey we looked at how fencers

Strength Training for Fencers

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Strength training for fencers might sound counter-intuitive. Isn't lifting weights for bodybuilders, not fencers? Many people think strength training leads to giant, bulging muscles like those huge guys in the movies. That’s not so! Strength training can also build lean muscle that improves fitness in a rounded way, not in a narrow one. Your

Who fences in the United States? — Survey

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Who fences in the United States? That's what we'd like to find out. Many of you saw our recent survey about fencing weapon stereotypes (spoiler: saber and foil fencers think that epee fencers are boring). That was fun, but we'd now like to get a more substantive view of what

Will the Gym Improve Your Fencing?

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The question of what fencers need to do outside of the club is a big one. Will the gym improve your fencing? Do you need to have more physical activity besides just your fencing training? There is a definite answer here: it depends.   What it depends on are your goals

How to practice effectively for fencing

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Would you like to know how to practice effectively for fencing? Being a good fencer starts with the quality of your practice time. Many of you have heard author Malcolm Gladwell’s claim that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, but that number comes with a big caveat. Without quality practice, you may reach a point

Boring Epee Fencers Strike Back!

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Okay. We were clearly aiming to stir the pot with our recent headline about boring epee fencers. As several of you pointed out, the headline zoomed in on a very small portion of the story to grab your attention. In our defense, I'll say two things: The basic purpose of

Foil and Saber Fencers Agree: Epeeists Boring

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  Foil and saber fencers don't agree on much, but a significant minority of them agree on this: epee fencers are boring — at least according to feedback from our fencing weapons personality survey. Don't believe me? Look at this chart: [Note: if you're reading this on a

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