How To Register Online With The United States Fencing Association (USA Fencing)?

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Are you having trouble figuring out how to register online with The United States Fencing Association? This article will show you how. 1. Go to This is the official website for USA Fencing. USA Fencing governs most fencing competitions in the United States.   2. Hover over the "Membership" tab and

Register Online for National Fencing Events?

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How do I register online for national fencing events? Not all that long ago, national fencers had to fax in their application forms to fence at national events. The United States Fencing Association has since upgraded its technology to allow online registration, but the process can still be a little tricky.

Fencing Photos: 17 Unique Shots on Instagram

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Fencing photos have the potential to be awesome. But they sometimes start to all look like each other. But, recently, we saw this photo. Which inspired us to go look for more awesome and unique fencing photos on Instagram. Here's what we found: Crazy Lighting Makes Everything Exciting A photo

College Club Fencing Teams Rise As NCAA Teams Fall

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NCAA Fencing programs have declined over the past three decades, according to a report from National Fencing Club Rankings. But, while NCAA teams have been on the decline, college club fencing teams have been on the rise. College club teams have existed for decades, but they grew more organized starting in 2003.

List: Non-NCAA College Fencing Teams in 2016

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Thanks to help from the U.S. Fencing Association and the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC), we have assembled this list of Non-NCAA College Fencing Teams in the U.S. We built this list as part of our story on the rise of college club fencing teams, in response

Why To Start Going To Fencing Tournaments + When

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Fencing at your club can provide a lot of enjoyment, but the sport thrives on competition. This is the top reason why to start going to fencing tournaments. Fencing isn't like most sports. While players can enjoy a casual game of pick-up basketball or softball, you can't have a fencing match without head

Why You Need a Strip Coach At Fencing Tournaments

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In the heat of a fencing bout, adrenaline slams into your brain. Your emotions swell and turn into raw intensity. This can give you the energy you need to defeat a difficult opponent, but it can also blind you to your mistakes. This is why you need a strip coach. Another set

Signing Up for Fencing Tournaments on AskFred

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Signing up for fencing tournaments can be a hassle, and the website you have to use to, AskFred, can be hard to navigate. Here's a quick primer on how to use it. Signing Up for Fencing Tournaments on AskFred First, open AskFred. Once you're at the home page, the next thing you

What Equipment is Needed at Fencing Tournaments?

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As someone new to the sport of fencing, you may have a hard time understanding what equipment is needed at fencing tournaments. One of the biggest obstacles to entering the sport can be the many and varied equipment requirements. Here's a concise list to help you out. Let's answer the

Keeth Smart On Strip With Tim Morehouse

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This Week, Tim Morehouse interviewed Olympic Silver Medalist Keeth Smart On Strip at Fencing University's studios for the first installment of our new show, On Strip. Here are the top three highlights from the Keeth Smart On Strip interview: Keeth Smart On What The Olympics Taught Him About Entrepreneurship Since earning an Olympic

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