Once upon a time, finding a place to fence could be tricky. USA Fencing has long since made the process of how to find a fencing club near you much easier.

Here’s a very quick walkthrough of how it works in the modern age.

1. Go to usafencing.com

This is the official website for USA Fencing. USA Fencing governs most of the fencing clubs and events in the United States, and all fencers on an Olympic track.

2. Hover over the “Membership” tab and click on “Find a Club.”

This will take you to a listing of all fencing clubs in the United States that have current insurance with USA Fencing.

Screenshot (84a)The USA Fencing Homepage, shown here, is the first step in How To Find A Fencing Club Near You

3.  Click on the “State” drop down menu and click on the state you want to search for fencing clubs.

You can sort by Region or State.  You most likely will want to use the State search function.


4.  This will give you an alphabetical list of all current fencing clubs in that state.

Search through the pages to find clubs in cities near you.


Clicking on each club’s name will bring you to their website. Often, this will provide all the information you need (schedule, prices, weapons fenced) to to decide if fencing at the club would work for you.

However, you can also call the club. The right-most column provides a phone number. Someone working at the club can tell you less tangible things — like which open fencing nights are best for your weapon.

5.  You can also click on the “Map” tab at the top of the page to see a map of the Unites States highlighting the different regions, click on a state to search for clubs.


But we recommend that you don’t use this tab. At the time of this writing, the map interface worked poorly. The dropdown on the other tab made the process of how to find a fencing club near you much easier.

Now You Know How To Find A Fencing Club Near You. More Questions? Ask us in the comments.

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