Fencing camps are awesome for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few.

1. Immersion Learning

Taking a fencing class once or twice a week is great, but going to a camp for five or more hours a day several days in a row creates a learning environment that class can’t duplicate.

Fencing camps often build entire days around a specific skill or technique. The instructor introduces the topic in the morning, and gives students ample opportunity to tinker with the skill throughout the day.

In short: fencing camps are awesome at getting fencers to learn more, faster.

2. A Chance to Experiment

A one or two-hour class demands that coaches adhere to a fairly rigid structure. During camps, instructors have more time for activities that take too long or are too unpredictable for a one- to two-hour session.

At one recent camp at Tim Morehouse Fencing Club, the instructors used the latter half of the day to hold a four-on-four team event that pushed the students to plan, strategize and support each other in a way normal classwork couldn’t.

3. Fast Friendships

Fencing camps create an environment where students learn about each other quickly. Students sometimes have to cooperate on drills. Sometimes, they;ll compete. Over lunch, they’ll relax.

This intense environment enables students to find something that they like about each other. By the end of a fencing camp, each student will likely find one new friend — or, at the very least, find that they’ve become closer to an existing friend.

Fencing Camps Are Awesome, even for tiny fencers like this one

4. A technological cleanse

Fencing may be one of the most technologically intense sports an athlete can engage in, but you know what fencing doesn’t include? Smartphones, video games or the internet.

Fencing camps are awesome at making students focus, and that means ignoring the noise of the modern world — if only for a week.

5. An appreciation of hard work

Fencing camps are exhausting. They tax participants both physically and mentally. But, at the end of the camp, students are almost guaranteed to be better fencers.

For young fencers, this can be a great lesson; their hard work gets them somewhere. For older fencers, this can serve as a nice reminder.

What are your reasons that fencing camps are awesome? Tell us in the comments.