Fencing Camps Are Awesome — 5 Reasons

Fencing camps are awesome for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few. 1. Immersion Learning Taking a fencing class once or twice a week is great, but going to a camp for five or more hours a day several days in a row creates a learning environment that class

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Two Surprising Stats: Why More High Schools Should Start Fencing Teams

More high schools should start fencing teams. That opinion shouldn't surprise you on this website, but the stats that we're using to back up that opinion might. ScholarshipStats.com published a survey showing the percentage of athletes on high school teams who continue their sport in college. Guess what? Fencers from

17 Equipment Terms Every Fencing Parent Needs to Know

Once your child crosses the line between trying fencing and becoming a fencer, they need their own equipment. Fencing equipment has a vocabulary all its own. We've broken it down for you here: Whites: The fencer's basic uniform. It includes a white jacket and white knickers. Knickers: Fencing pants made of a

Kids Share: Why I Started Fencing and You Should Too!

I started fencing three years ago at Manhattan Fencing Center (MFC) when I was just 9 years old. A few years earlier my brother Sam started fencing because he didn't enjoy other sports and my dad followed suit a year and half later because he wanted to understand this fast

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Figuring out Youth Fencing: How Can We Help Parents? What Good Resources Already Exist?

One of the priorities of FencingU is to help provide helpful information to the fencing community. As we've traveled around the country the past few years and had conversations with parents of youth fencers, many of whom are new to the sport, there seems to be a lot

Fencing University Asks: What educational fencing resources would you like to see us create?

At Fencing University our goal is to provide the best instructional and educational resources in the world. We want to help coaches be more effective in teaching their students, fencers improve their skill level and assist the many fencing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking to grow fencing with the information they

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