Dartfish for Fencing: Tell Us What You Want!

Back when I was training for the Olympics, I saw other sports use a technology called Dartfish to quantify the performance of top athletes and identify how other athletes could improve their game. But nobody used Dartfish for fencing. We want to change that. Fencing University is now working with Scott Weiss,

Keeth Smart On Strip With Tim Morehouse

This Week, Tim Morehouse interviewed Olympic Silver Medalist Keeth Smart On Strip at Fencing University's studios for the first installment of our new show, On Strip. Here are the top three highlights from the Keeth Smart On Strip interview: Keeth Smart On What The Olympics Taught Him About Entrepreneurship Since earning an Olympic

How to Understand Right of Way in Fencing—VIDEO

We know it can be tough to understand right of way in fencing. So, we put together the above video to walk you through the basics. The clip lasts about five minutes, shows a fantastic bout and teaches you right of way. If you don't have time for the video — or just learn

Fencing Tactics Rematch: The Value of Excecution

Two months ago, we looked at a bout between Yana Egorian of Russia and two-time Olympic champion Mariel Zagunis of USA and analyzed the tactical shifts of each fencer as the match progressed. As luck would have it, the two fencers met again at the recent Grand Prix in Moscow, this time

Tactical Breakdown of Olympic Fencer Jinsun Jung from Korea

A great analysis video by Leland Guillemin of Korean Olypmpic Epee fencer Jinsung Jung. Who is Jinsung Jung?  Jung won gold in team épée at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha Qatar. Jung participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in the 2012 London Olympics. (Source: Wikipedia) If you would like to read the

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