13 Things Only Fencers With a Long Commute to Their Club Will Understand

No one who doesn't spend countless hours in transit just for the love of fencing can understand these struggles. 1. Getting home too late to watch the daily show. Sorry, Trevor Noah. 2. Thinking the whole ride home about that beautiful wrist flick you almost hit.   http://gfycat.com/IncompleteSpiffyCooter   Yeah,

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What is a Fencing Strip?

When baseball players compete, they head to the field. Fencers compete on a strip. What is a fencing strip? Here's a breakdown. Length and width Fencing strips vary significantly in width. Officially, strips should be 1.5 - 2 meters wide (about 5 feet to 6.5 feet). However, this measurement typically only

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Fencing Swords: Saber, Epee + Foil Are Different

The sport of fencing has three different weapons: saber, epee, and foil. People unfamiliar with the sport might call them fencing swords, but fencers call them weapons — or by their individual name. Each weapon works like its own mini-sport. Each has it's own definition of target area, attack style, and

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Fencing Photos: 17 Unique Shots on Instagram

Fencing photos have the potential to be awesome. But they sometimes start to all look like each other. But, recently, we saw this photo. Which inspired us to go look for more awesome and unique fencing photos on Instagram. Here's what we found: Crazy Lighting Makes Everything Exciting A photo

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College Club Fencing Teams Rise As NCAA Teams Fall

NCAA Fencing programs have declined over the past three decades, according to a report from National Fencing Club Rankings. But, while NCAA teams have been on the decline, college club fencing teams have been on the rise. College club teams have existed for decades, but they grew more organized starting in 2003.

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List: Non-NCAA College Fencing Teams in 2016

Thanks to help from the U.S. Fencing Association and the United States Association of Collegiate Fencing Clubs (USACFC), we have assembled this list of Non-NCAA College Fencing Teams in the U.S. We built this list as part of our story on the rise of college club fencing teams, in response

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Why It’s a Mask, not a Helmet, and 4 More Fencing No-Nos

Fencing is a sport with a lot of jargon all its own. Bouts? Weapons? Lames? Getting used to the sport's specific terminology can take a little while. The words that fencers don't use can be just as tricky. Here's a quick primer: "Helmet." The protective gear that fencers wear on their head is called

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The Legal Cheater: Yakimenko and the Spirit of Gamesmanship

  In the 1982 semi-final of the French Open, Swedish Tennis player Mats Wilander faced Jose Luis-Clerc, an Argentinian. During the match point, Clerc’s final shot was called long by the linesman, seemingly ending the match. Despite a call in his favor, Wilander protested the referee, conceding that the ball

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What can fencers learn from tennis champ Roger Federer’s SABR shot?

A few weeks ago, New York City hosted the annual US Open tournament tennis. On the men’s side, Roger Federer came in second place, losing to the world’s number one, Novak Djokovic. One of the more fun storylines has been the use of Federer’s so-called SABR shot. I’m a big

Interview with Greg Massialas, America’s Visionary Foil Coach

I recently had a chance to sit down with National Men's Foil Coach, Greg Massialas, for a comprehensive hour-long interview. Coach Massialas and his club, the Massialas Foundation, are responsible for the a historic set of results for USA foil. Among them, he's had the first American male fencer ranked number

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