Why To Start Going To Fencing Tournaments + When

Fencing at your club can provide a lot of enjoyment, but the sport thrives on competition. This is the top reason why to start going to fencing tournaments. Fencing isn't like most sports. While players can enjoy a casual game of pick-up basketball or softball, you can't have a fencing match without head

How to practice effectively for fencing

Would you like to know how to practice effectively for fencing? Being a good fencer starts with the quality of your practice time. Many of you have heard author Malcolm Gladwell’s claim that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, but that number comes with a big caveat. Without quality practice, you may reach a point

6 Ways To Make the Most Out of the One Minute Break

Fencing bouts are typically fast paced, with little time between the end of one touch and the start of the next. But competition rules give fencers up to two one-minute breaks during each direct elimination bout. Smart competitors can use this minute to have a big impact on the bout's outcome. Here are

A Common Mistake: Keeping Distance Vs. Controlling Distance

A fencing bout is a dance, and both fencers vie to lead. In most cases, the fencer that can set the pace and lead the bout will win. To become a high-level fencer, you must learn to control the tempo and distance of the dance. If you can’t control the distance, good fencers will beat

5 Ways to Practice “Controlling The Distance”

While keeping distance is a fundamental building block for fencing technique, fencers can graduate from good to great when they learn how to control the distance. Here are five exercises you can use to improve your control over fencing distance. [Related: 5 Essential Types of Footwork Practice, How and Why Excellent Footwork Leads to Incredible

The 7 Essential Types of Practice Bouts

Practice bouts are a critical part of a complete and well-balanced training program, but just like footwork, bladework, lessons, and drills, bouting requires an intentional and diversified approach to yield maximal results. The first big thing to mention is that trying to win every bout at practice and caring too much

5 Essential Types of Footwork Practice

The importance of footwork can’t be understated and once you’ve gotten a firm grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of your footwork through assessment and evaluation you’ll want to insure you've got a training plan that comprehensively attacks (no fencing pun intended) taking your game to the next level! The following

How and Why Excellent Footwork Leads to Incredible Fencing Moves

If you’ve been watching World Championships, you’ve seen some incredible fencing and witnessed many amazing moves. The standout for me was my Olympic teammate Daryl Homer’s jump-parry-2 that broke the 14-14 tie and sent him to the finals, making him the first American men’s saber fencer ever to do so.

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