How To Find A Fencing Club Near You

Once upon a time, finding a place to fence could be tricky. USA Fencing has long since made the process of how to find a fencing club near you much easier. Here's a very quick walkthrough of how it works in the modern age. 1. Go to This is

Two Surprising Stats: Why More High Schools Should Start Fencing Teams

More high schools should start fencing teams. That opinion shouldn't surprise you on this website, but the stats that we're using to back up that opinion might. published a survey showing the percentage of athletes on high school teams who continue their sport in college. Guess what? Fencers from

Register Online for National Fencing Events?

How do I register online for national fencing events? Not all that long ago, national fencers had to fax in their application forms to fence at national events. The United States Fencing Association has since upgraded its technology to allow online registration, but the process can still be a little tricky.

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Why You Need a Strip Coach At Fencing Tournaments

In the heat of a fencing bout, adrenaline slams into your brain. Your emotions swell and turn into raw intensity. This can give you the energy you need to defeat a difficult opponent, but it can also blind you to your mistakes. This is why you need a strip coach. Another set

Signing Up for Fencing Tournaments on AskFred

Signing up for fencing tournaments can be a hassle, and the website you have to use to, AskFred, can be hard to navigate. Here's a quick primer on how to use it. Signing Up for Fencing Tournaments on AskFred First, open AskFred. Once you're at the home page, the next thing you

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What Equipment is Needed at Fencing Tournaments?

As someone new to the sport of fencing, you may have a hard time understanding what equipment is needed at fencing tournaments. One of the biggest obstacles to entering the sport can be the many and varied equipment requirements. Here's a concise list to help you out. Let's answer the

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Should you fence with your kids?

You should fence with your kids. At least, you should give it a shot. Here's why: "You're going to be there anyhow." Enter most fencing clubs during a class, and you'll see a pattern well-established in youth sports: children and teenagers fence up and down the strips while parents sit on the sidelines.

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Don’t Get Your Fencer Disqualified: Tournament Day Basics

What should you do to make sure your fencer has a great experience at a tournament? Possibly the scariest thing about fencing tournaments is that inexperienced fencers can ruin the event for themselves before they even meet an opponent. Competitors who don't show up where and when they're supposed to can

6 Key Pieces of Fencing Tournament Jargon for Parents

Fencing terminology can be challenging. What key terms should parents know before taking young fencers to tournaments? We've put together this essential list for you: Close of Registration: The time by which your fencer must check in at the tournament venue. Under USFA rules, all fencers must check in on the day of

17 Equipment Terms Every Fencing Parent Needs to Know

Once your child crosses the line between trying fencing and becoming a fencer, they need their own equipment. Fencing equipment has a vocabulary all its own. We've broken it down for you here: Whites: The fencer's basic uniform. It includes a white jacket and white knickers. Knickers: Fencing pants made of a

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