How to Learn Fencing — Four Ways

How do you learn fencing? Every coach has a different opinion on how to improve, but there are four main ways how to learn fencing: lessons, classes, bouting and tournaments. LESSONS Private lessons with a coach develop your tactical and technical abilities in an intense, focused way. A coach can shape every

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Fencing Footwork Basics

When people think of fencing, they think of the weapons thrusting, cutting and parrying. But the foundation of the game really comes from fencing footwork basics. Here's a quick overview of each move: En Garde En garde is the basic starting position in fencing, and the most important position in

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How To Find A Fencing Club Near You

Once upon a time, finding a place to fence could be tricky. USA Fencing has long since made the process of how to find a fencing club near you much easier. Here's a very quick walkthrough of how it works in the modern age. 1. Go to This is

How to Read a Pool Sheet

Most fencing tournaments start with a round of pools, which uses a special score sheet. It can be tricky to learn how to read a pool sheet, but we'll help you understand it. Let's start with a look at the basic USA Fencing pool sheet. We'll tackle each of these

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How To Register Online With The United States Fencing Association (USA Fencing)?

Are you having trouble figuring out how to register online with The United States Fencing Association? This article will show you how. 1. Go to This is the official website for USA Fencing. USA Fencing governs most fencing competitions in the United States.   2. Hover over the "Membership" tab and

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