Cardio Workouts For Fencers

What are the merits of cardio workouts for fencers? The health benefits of cardio workouts are just amazing in terms of longer life and reduced risk of disease, but fencers gain an additional set of benefits through cardio training.   Cardiovascular workouts are really workouts for your heart. It is important to

Strength Training for Fencers

Strength training for fencers might sound counter-intuitive. Isn't lifting weights for bodybuilders, not fencers? Many people think strength training leads to giant, bulging muscles like those huge guys in the movies. That’s not so! Strength training can also build lean muscle that improves fitness in a rounded way, not in a narrow one. Your

Will the Gym Improve Your Fencing?

The question of what fencers need to do outside of the club is a big one. Will the gym improve your fencing? Do you need to have more physical activity besides just your fencing training? There is a definite answer here: it depends.   What it depends on are your goals

Training With Champions: Resistance Training with Olympian Nzingha Prescod (Video)

Fencing practice is extremely important but only part of the equation. Almost every Olympian does significant cross training to improve their performance and in a sport like fencing it isn't about throwing around heavy weights.   One of the best ways to cross train for fencing is to use resistance

Ladder Drills for Fencing (With Olympian Nzingha Prescod)

Footwork is a HUGE part of being a successful fencer and ladder drills are a great way to build agility, coordination, speed and endurance. In this Instagram video, Olympian Nzingha Prescod demonstrates some of the cross training exercises that she does using a ladder. A video posted by Nzingha Prescod

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