Dartfish for Fencing: Tell Us What You Want!

Back when I was training for the Olympics, I saw other sports use a technology called Dartfish to quantify the performance of top athletes and identify how other athletes could improve their game. But nobody used Dartfish for fencing. We want to change that. Fencing University is now working with Scott Weiss,

Mapping Your Journey to the Top

Congratulations! You’re the best fencer in your club. You’ve put in a lot of hard work to get here, choosing training over hanging out with friends and studying tactics instead of catching up on Game of Thrones. It feels good to be on the top, and if your goal is

Fencing Tactics: Know When to Shift Objectives

Fencing bouts are short. An audience member may not notice the same ups and downs they find in a boxing or tennis match when watching fencing, because those changes often last just a point or two and tend to be much subtler. As a result, many fencers, and sometimes coaches,

Tactical Breakdown of Olympic Fencer Jinsun Jung from Korea

A great analysis video by Leland Guillemin of Korean Olypmpic Epee fencer Jinsung Jung. Who is Jinsung Jung?  Jung won gold in team épée at the 2006 Asian Games in Doha Qatar. Jung participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and in the 2012 London Olympics. (Source: Wikipedia) If you would like to read the

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