No one who doesn’t spend countless hours in transit just for the love of fencing can understand these struggles.

1. Getting home too late to watch the daily show.

Sorry, Trevor Noah.

2. Thinking the whole ride home about that beautiful wrist flick you almost hit.



Yeah, that’s exactly how it would have looked.


3. Showing up to the club with road rage.

That’ll teach the ref what an attack in prep looks like.


4. Sprinting to the parking lot to beat rush hour.

If you do need to fight someone, at least you’ll  be armed.


5. Dealing with weird looks from people on the subway.

For all the incredulous stares you get when people notice the literal swords you are carrying, you might as well be reenacting the opening scene of Star Wars.

6. Total strangers asking you, “Oh, you fence? Like princess bride?”


You have two options: explain right of way…again. Or run.

7. Going so hard at practice that you sleep right through your subway stop on the way home.

In dire situations, a mask can function as a pillow.


8. Having intense conversations about reffing in the car.

9. Getting offered a ride home and knowing that your savior has arrived.

10. Arguing over every touch to procrastinate the grueling car ride.

And going full Race Imboden after every light just to extend the bout by that much longer.

11. Struggling to finish homework in the car on the way to practice.

Because hand-writing a paper in a bumpy car ride is still better than falling asleep over your keyboard at home.

12. Leaving practice and your legs are too tired to hit the gas.


Stairs may also pose a challenge.


13. Packing post-practice dinner into a little Tupperware container because otherwise it will be hours until you eat at home.


Mmm…mushy tomatoes.

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